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Ylang Ylang & Lavender

Ylang Ylang flower was around me during my early childhood, i still recall the sweet and rich fragrance with hints of Jasmine & Sweet orange, in our home garden in Comoros Island. My mom Tasneem used to make her own homemade face & hair masks using Ylang flower.

My parents are originally from Madagascar and Reunion island, Vanilla paradise :) it has been since another of my favourite scent.

Fast forward when we moved to France, we settled in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean region called La Provence, heart of Lavender, where you can see the most beautiful lavender valleys. It will for sure stay in my memory forever :)

Why am I telling you this you must wonder? Simply because Au Naturel is not just another business venture, it's more than that, all my memories, my childhood, my love for organic clean and effective cosmetics that inspired me.

I hope you love these products as much i love making them for you.

With love,